Dear Potential Suitor,

This note is an attempt at an  explanation of something I don’t fully understand myself.

I think the most loving, sweetest word a lover/liker can use is stay.   Obviously, I don’t mean this in the command-you-give-to-a-dog way. You know that. But when you ask me to stay in a way that’s not a question, I melt a little. Even if you don’t mean to make that happen. My brain shuts down and focuses on the glow generated by what just passed through your lips and, in that moment, I will want nothing more than to stay.

I don’t really understand it myself entirely. Obviously, there’s that feeling of being wanted that helps, of course. But “hey, you should come over” or “you should totally come to such-and-such event.” Doesn’t have anything near the same effect.

I think one aspect that really gets me is the fact that you’re expressing your want for me to be with you; in its most clear, concise, direct, vulnerable form, that expression could be no sweeter.

Just know that this word – whether used when I have to leave a cuddle-fest, make-out session, dinner, or while we’re Pokemon Stadium-ing our butts off on the good ol’ Nintendo 64 – has a lot of effect.


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